September 14 2020

Projects Death Star Micro Tiles

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    This is a set of very small surface tiles for a certain space station which is no moon. Intended for very small scale dioramas, the tiles are sized to a 10mm x 10mm grid, with the basic square tile size being 20mm on each side. I'm not sure what scale this puts them at, but it's somewhere between 1:350 and 1:500, I think.

    I originally designed these tiles to be cut out of flat styrene sheets using a Cricut Maker electronic cutting machine, which is how I built the originals, in the same manner that I built my 1:144th scale T-16 Skyhopper. I've since modified those patterns to add detail and make them printable.

    I'm also building a Death Star trench run diorama with these, and you can follow my build thread on the Replica Prop Forum. At the bottom of this page are are some resources that have inspired me - other model builders, and for original prop reference, very little beats Prop Store auctions!

    Tile Catalog

    10x10 grid

    The tiles are not sized according to a defined scale -- they're sized to a strict 10mm x 10mm grid, with each tile's dimensions being in multiples of 10mm. I like the math to work out evenly like that. The standard square tiles are 20mm x 20mm, which is what I consider the "whole tile" size, and everything else is in multiples or fractions of that basic tile size.

    Included are the following (so far):

    • 20 standard tiles (20x20)
    • 12 quarter tiles (10x10)
    • 1 "double-half" tile (10x40)
    • 2 double tiles (20x40)
    • 1 quad tile (40x40)


    Please note that these are a work in progress, and have not yet been printed. They've passed the printability checks for SLA printing on 3dhubs, but as I don't have a resin printer of my own, I have not directly tested them yet. If you do attempt to print them, please send me feedback so I can improve them!

    Tile Sets for Anycubic Photon

    10mm x 10mm Tiles

    20mm x 20mm Tiles

    20mm x 40mm Tiles

    40mm x 40mm Tiles