July 10 2018

Travel Galapagos Day 2 - San Cristobal

Our second landing of the day, after the morning's walk at Isla Lobos, was on San Cristobal island proper. We landed at a long crescent-shaped sandy beach, where we could walk quite a ways barefoot in very find sand, which was wonderful.

The beach was a great place for Blue Footed Booby photos, as I was able to catch lots of them diving for food. Although, naturally, the absolute best sequence of an airborne booby that I captured was slightly out of focus. Such is the nature of bird photography - they're extremely quick, and even when you've got a greate camera and have rented a very nice telephoto lens -- well, the subject tracking auto focus can still mis-fire. I still got far more, and far better, bird photos than I have anywhere before.

There was a lot of this beautiful green vegetation near the beach providing contrast with the volcanic rocks, and more opportunities to get wildlife photos with beautiful green backgrounds, when they weren't down by the water's edge.

Lava Heron

Lava Lizards

Brown Pelicans

Here in Northern California we have lots of brown pelicans, but we never get to see the beautiful breeding plumage on their necks, because ours are migratory.

Sea Lions

Marine Iguanas

We found the Godfather of marine iguanas

Evening Kayak

In the evening, we kayaked around just northwest of our earlier beach landing, ending in a spot where you can see Kicker Rock perfectly framed in a natural break that's eroded in the cliffs.