July 07 2018

Travel Galapagos Day 2 - Isla Lobos

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Isla Lobos is a small island just off of San Cristóbal Island, where lots of sea lions tend to hang out. It's also got interesting candelabra cactus and, of course, more birds.

Waking up on a boat definitely doesn't suck.

The GPS track includes the short panga rides to and from the island.

Download GPX

I shot this panorama of the Nemo III from the landing spot. It's a nice boat.

Sea Lions

This big sea lion male didn't seem to want to wake up. He lumbered out of the bushes on to the beach, yawned, then lumbered onto some rocks in the sun and went back to sleep.


We got our first look at the green warbler finch.

More blue-footed boobies display their dramatically blue feet.

And frigate birds continue to be dramatic.

Marine Iguanas!

On Balance

The pickup dock had a railing, so naturally Hilary got in a front balance - first one in the Galapagos! Much to Jeffo's amusement.