Projects Aug 25, 2008 Amplifier Diagram Libraries A collection of schematic parts for Visio and TouchDraw
Projects Aug 25, 2008 Micro Champ Amp A tiny rendition of a Fender Champ with 7-pin miniature tubes.
Projects Aug 25, 2008 Moonlight Amp A 1W push-pull guitar amplifier.
Projects Aug 25, 2008 Precision Electronics PA-20 Conversion Converting an old Public Address system amplifier to a guitar amp
Projects Aug 25, 2008 Lunchbox Amp A tiny guitar amplifier made from a HeathKit "Lunch Box" CB Radio
Projects Jan 02, 2006 Subminiature Tubes A collection of obsolete technology links.
Projects Jan 02, 2006 Tube Distortion Pedals
Projects Jan 02, 2006 Amplifier Attenuation Shhhhhhhhh!
Projects Jan 02, 2006 Amplifier Tone Stacks
Bookmarks Jan 02, 2006 Music Gear Links