Mar 20, 2015 Frisco Texas Family Gathering, March 2015
sartoria Jan 27, 2015 Outfits Sartorial obsessions.
Oct 03, 2014 People of Urban Airship Some of the crazy and wonderful people I work with.
Circus Jul 19, 2014 Cabaret Metamorphoses
Travel Jun 25, 2014 Assorted Portland, 2014 Selected from several trips to PDX
California Apr 11, 2014 Harley Farms Goat Dairy Adorable goats and delicious cheese!
California Mar 15, 2014 Hetch Hetchy Watershed See that water level? Yeah, it's not supposed to be down that low.
Travel Oct 25, 2013 New York Area Trip A little bit of autumn in Nanuet and New York City.
Travel Oct 10, 2013 Myanmar, 2013
Travel Mar 26, 2012 Assorted Portland, 2012 Images from my first trip to PDX after being hired by Urban Airship.