Category Projects


Projects May 04, 2022 Death Star Micro Tiles STL files for 3D printing Death Star surface modules.


Projects Oct 21, 2021 Cargo Container STL A Star Wars-inspired cargo container for scale models.
Projects Sep 06, 2021 Archive-X Paint Reference Reference swatches for Archive-X acrylic vintage colors
Projects Jun 26, 2021 Bookbinding Miniature Book Replicas Miniaturizing a collection catalogue


Projects Sep 14, 2020 Death Star Micro Tiles (Archive) Older releases of the Death Star tiles STL set


Projects Dec 08, 2019 1:144th Scale T-16 Skyhopper Kit Plans for a mostly accurate T-16 Skyhopper in 1:144 scale
Projects May 05, 2019 Monitoring a Synology with Graphite and Tessera
Projects May 05, 2019 (Almost) Every Zugster Ever


Projects Dec 05, 2016 Go Metrics Live View A live chart view for go-metrics data



Projects Jun 29, 2014 Introducing Tessera An opinionated front-end for displaying Graphite metrics.


Projects Aug 25, 2008 Amplifier Diagram Libraries A collection of schematic parts for Visio and TouchDraw
Projects Aug 25, 2008 Lunchbox Amp A tiny guitar amplifier made from a HeathKit "Lunch Box" CB Radio
Projects Aug 25, 2008 Micro Champ Amp A tiny rendition of a Fender Champ with 7-pin miniature tubes.
Projects Aug 25, 2008 Moonlight Amp A 1W push-pull guitar amplifier.
Projects Aug 25, 2008 Precision Electronics PA-20 Conversion Converting an old Public Address system amplifier to a guitar amp


Projects Jan 02, 2006 Amplifier Attenuation Shhhhhhhhh!
Projects Jan 02, 2006 Subminiature Tubes A collection of obsolete technology links.
Projects Jan 02, 2006 Amplifier Tone Stacks
Projects Jan 02, 2006 Tube Distortion Pedals