January 02 2006

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    Amplifier Kits

    Parts Suppliers


    Parts Manufacturers

    Search eBay 

    eBay is one of the best places on the internet to find deals on vacuum tubes. You can often find large lots of assorted tubes for low prices if you’re not worried about the most desirable name brands like Mullard or Telefunken. Sometimes you can find them buried in overlooked lots too though.


    Guitar Parts

    Guitar Effects & General Electronics

    Rotary Speakers

    Leslie Speakers

    Currently Manufactured Rotating Speakers

    General & Audio Electronics

    • ePanorama.net – a huge archive of basic information. Very useful. ePanorama’s index of Audio Circuits
    • technik.net- Lots of filter schematics, check the circuits section
    • Replacing caps in old radios a good article to read. Also contains information useful if you’re salvaging parts from old equipment or converting old equipment.

    Home Recording



    More 1/2 to 1W amps