July 25 2018

Travel Galapagos Day 3 - Espaniola - Punta Suarez

Our second landing on Espaniola, Punta Suarez, was probably my favorite single walk of the trip.

The trail crosses from one side to the other of a small peninsula jutting out on the western tip of the island. On the north side, near the landing, we cross sandy beaches, leading to low scrub in the interior. On the south side there's a series of cliff, with dramatic surf, and, while we were there, blustery skies and a stiff breeze.

This is one of the largest photo sets from the trip, because there's just so much variety at this location.

The island is home to the magnificent Waved Albatross, very colorful marine iguanas, my favorite of the endemic Lava Lizard species, Nazca boobies, brown pelicans, Galapagos sea lions, the Galapagos hawk, swallow-tailed gulls, oystercatchers, lava herons, finches, and the Espaniola Mockingbird.