August 25 2008

Projects Amplifier Diagram Libraries

A collection of schematic parts for Visio and TouchDraw

Visio Parts and Circuit Diagrams

This is a large collection of objects for Visio, for amplifier schematics and layout diagrams, which I drew over the years I was building amps. The layout parts are accurately sized from specifications where available, and physical measurements where specs were not available. There are also vacuum tube basing diagrams, and lots of pre-drawn circuit pieces for common circuits.

The contents of the two archives is identical, but in slightly different file formats. contains everything in Visio's native .vsd file format. has the same files in the XML-based .vdx format, which can be imported by Touchdraw, and is what I use for diagramming now on iOS and OS X.

I'm in the process of manually converting them to native Touchdraw libraries.