Hikes Sep 18, 2016 Rawson Lake
Hikes Sep 16, 2016 Rae Lake
Hikes Sep 15, 2016 Burstall Pass
Hikes Jul 12, 2016 Kalalau Trail to Hanakapi'ai Falls, Kauai
Travel Feb 05, 2016 City of Tromsø
Travel Dec 11, 2015 East Africa 2015 GPS Tracks
Travel Oct 31, 2015 Kilimanjaro, Shira Plateau Rain, fog, and silliness at 13,000 feet.
Travel Oct 30, 2015 Kenya to Tanzania Flight Wherein we make an international flight without going through security
Travel Oct 30, 2015 Mara North, Day Four A few photos from our final drive, heading to the airstrip to leave the Mara
Travel Oct 29, 2015 Mara North, Day Three
Travel Oct 28, 2015 Mara North, Day Two I'm sorry, what did you say? There are baby lions.
Travel Oct 28, 2015 Maasai Mara, Day Two Wherein the days are just packed
Travel Oct 28, 2015 Maasai Mara by Balloon
Travel Oct 27, 2015 The Mara, Day One
Travel Jun 21, 2015 Yosemite, June 2015
Travel Apr 22, 2015 NZ Driving Map All the roads (approximately) we drove on our trip.
Travel Apr 09, 2015 Diamond Lake A rainy hike in Otago.
Travel May 24, 2014 Bergen Hike: Ulriken to Fløyen
Hikes Sep 22, 2013 Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit Hiking two thirds of Lake O'Hara's alpine route in constantly shifting weather